Sometimes it pays to slow down, to take the time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

After dragging the trash can back thru the garden, then sloshing back and forth, unloading grocery’s, in one place the turf had transformed into a velvety, red clay mud, churned into the consistency of creamed butter

It would have been better for the garden path if I would have treaded lightly, but it was much better for my soul to squish, squeeze and to slide through the luscious, burnt umber frosting. For way too long or not quite long enough.

Made a hell of mess, but who cares I may make it into my designated mud zone

The quality of life improves when the shoes get peeled off for the summer, from running through cool grass lawns on a warm summer night, dancing a shag on a sandy beach or just stomping in mud puddles in your front yard

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