This has been the summer of iconic watering holes. From Captain Tony’s, Durty Harry’s, and sloppy joes in Key west to The Hangout in Gulf Shores Alabama last night. Today it is one of the worlds finest beach bars. The massive Flora-Bama with 5 stages of live, music.

Year’s ago someone started a tradition of the women throwing their bras across the cable going across the stage some said they have to take them down once a year now.

The most popular drink in this neck of the woods is by far is the “Bushwacker” A chocolate milkshake with booze. But I choose a “key lime pie” Wow these things were good! Even had Graham craker crumbs on top

Sprawling across acres of the most beautiful, bright white, powdered sugar, sand.

Beautiful toasted summer bodies soaking up a few more rays before the pumpkin spice invades their brain cells. Tropical boat drinks in hand, the smell of shrimp beginning to boil!

Some random guy but he summed up the Gulfshores area.

In Jimmy Buffets song The Bama breeze he is singing about this bar one of the lyrics goes. “In 1984 Mick Jagger
Passed through town
Bought the house a round
Signed his name on the wall
In the Ladies bathroom stall”. Everybody else did also

We got there around lunch time are a drank thru the afternoon kids had to leave at 5:00 so Nana took the little ones back to the condo.

Jesse, Kristy, Racheal and me stayed. The one stage we liked the most played some amazing rock but his stage show was definitely not kid friendly. Me and Jesse did get to shoot a few games of pool before it got too crowded.

A wise person maybe it was, Ali Rueda ” said you can not drink all day unless you get a early start!

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