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My winter bucket list

Winter bucket list 

  1. Go ice skating
  2. Make Christmas cookies
  3. Go Christmas caroling 
  4. Go to Christmas tree farm and cut down a tree.
  5. Make homemade eggnog
  6. Homemade hot chocolate 
  7. Ride around and look at Christmas lights
  8. Make paper snowflakes
  9. Decorate house for Christmas
  10. Catch. Snowflakes e on my tongue
  11. Have a Picnic in the snow
  12. Bake homemade bread
  13. Celebrate the longest night of the year outdoors
  14. Walk around down town and admire the window displays
  15. Have a rainy day art day
  16. Paint Christmas posters with the grand kids
  17. Visit linnville gorge before it closes for season
  18. Build a bonfire
  19. Kiss under the mistletoe 
  20. Kiss at midnight on new year’s eve
  21. Visit friends and family I have not seen in a while
  22. Go stargazing while wrapped up in a warm blanket 
  23. Meet friends for beer and try a dark winter beer
  24. Take a cooking class
  25. Stay in Cabin with a fireplace 
  26. Have a glass of wine and eat dark chocolate on the floor in front of the fireplace
  27. Go sledding
  28. Make snow cream
  29. Build a pillow blanket fort and have a “rom-com” movie party
  30. make a homemade pie
  31. A candlelit bubble bath
  32. Build. Snowman
  33. Design a family Christmas card to send out
  34. Go skiing
  35. Listen to food songs all day on wncw the day before Thanksgiving
  36. Go winter camping 
  37. Write handwritten letters to friends 
  38. Go to hot springs and soak in an outdoor tub on a cold winters night
  39. Make homemade chill
  40. Make snow angels
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