Life is going by way too fast I can not wsit for weekends to have adventures. My thought was to try Lake Fontana, according to Google maps it was only a hour away. I loaded my kayak on the top of the car that morning before I left for work I have seen pictures of kayaks melting on cars in the sun so I tried to park in the deck. Talking about a tight fit! It rubbed the top of the deck but not too hard.

Google maps was right within a few minutes. I went to Finger lake access area. I had seen it many times looked like a excellent place to put in. And it was I had a great paddle around seen people jumping of rocks, I seen rope swings,  

I got to explore swampy groove at the end. But I could not find a way out. Only a bridge separated it from the main lake. It look like it was connected on the map and driving by but it was not. So I paddled in what I know now was finger lake. Still had a blast. I even had one of the most amazing swims ever. I had swam around the cove for awhile getting ready to get out when I seen hard rain headed my way I did not hear thunder so I decided to wait it out instead of trying to make to the car. I sunk down till only my eyes and the top of my head were exposed. The sky grew even darker. A fog sat in.  The drops splatted at first but soon  it was like popcorn exploding on a snare drum.  The lake danced before my eyes. For a while floated on my back allowing the drops to sting my belly then dove deep coming back to where on my eyes were exposed. I was in heaven. After about 15 minutes it was over as fast as it began. I seen blue sky behind a rainbow digging into the fog.After the rain I sat my hammock up and read for a bit then swam more.

On the way home that evening I stopped by nantahala brewing in Bryson city for beer and a burger.

Mmmm it was good! A great day, a great evening, even a great ride home with a beautiful sunset in my rear view mirror!

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