Still going with flow. We had planned on kayaking, but decided with storms being forecast just to take off on a open ended road trip.

We scooped up miss TJ and headed to the mountains. We ended up in Bryson city in a cheap hotel with a clean pool. We are having a blast!. I have no clue what tomorrow will bring but I am betting on adventure.

We have had blast! Dissected every inch of Bryson city. Went and heard an angel singing in the tunnel at the end of the road to nowhere. Seriously the acoustics in that tunnel, if I ever get to make a music video it will be in there!

Stopped by Fontana for a swim. Then to Nantahala for supper. We have laughed told too many lies I mean stories, jokes, sung badly, taken way too many silly pictures.

Everything a road trip should have!

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