Spring bucket list

  1. Every spring bucket list must include go fly a kite. I remember the best ones from when I was a kid were made from sticks, string and the covered with the Sunday funny’s and with a tail from ripped sheets tied with bows
  2. Celebrate the harbingers of spring, the robins arriving, the first crocus blooms the first night when the frog chorus starts. Not just hear them but take a moment recognize the them celebrate them 
  3. Make wilted lettuce and cornbread supper.  When I was a young man, every year almost as a spring tonic Granddaddy would make what he called Kilt lettuce. Often times using creasy greens other times he would using leafy green lettuce from the garden.   Mix the greens with chopped scallions and pour hot bacon grease over the top. Maybe not the healthiest but once a year medicinally?
  4. Find a place with lots of cherry trees, peak season the blossoms blowing in the wind. Early in the evening before it is dark but after the moon has begun to rise. A blanket a spread out with fine cheese and a sweet sparkling wine.
  5. A kiss in the rain. Not just any rain or not just any kiss.  But a hard rain, one that comes up fast out of nowhere, forcing a run down a wet black sidewalk reflecting a million colors of the neon night, racing to get out of the rain.  Instinct pushing my hand back to take yours, as our fingers touch worlds collide, galaxies are formed. In a submission to the rain, a submission to our hearts we turn spinning into each other, soaking wet.  Tiny streams of rain trickle down your cheeks. Your eyes still filled with the wonder of the night, glowing with embers of passion. Time stops as our lips meet, an intermingling of rain and love twirling and dancing in our souls. Trickles of salty rain water wet our lips but yet still we thirst!  (maybe too many details here? lol)
  6. Walking barefoot not only improves balance and body alignment but also helps you to feel grounded and just a little vulnerable, forcing you to watch your step. And nothing feels as good as running thru grass barefooted or even better walking in mud letting your toes squish mud between them
  7. Go to the lake and feed, the ducks, often this is Lake Julian feed the ducks, watch the sail boats play and have a picnic. 
  8. Experience a sunset, a sunrise, the moon rising, rainbows, the stars at night! D all of the above the heaven’s soul-filling offer. Taking the time to be in tune with the heavens lifts the soul filling it with love. It also fills you with wonder and peace, calming anxiety and making you feel big and small at the same time.
  9. Climb a tree. Ever since I was a kid, I have loved climbing trees. I remember Me and Dee climbing the maple tree in front of granddaddy’s front porch. now days the nearly horizontal trees down by the river are some of the most fun. But there is something about being that close to a tree feeling it energy breathing its spirit most often I climb barefooted for better traction and deeper connection 
  10. Have tea party outdoors. this one to me is like a picnic but you dress up for it. 
  11. Bring nature indoors make a spring arrangement often this time of year this is about playing tricks on mother nature by bringing forsythia or other spring blooming branches in to the warmth of your house and forcing them to grow Splash in puddles Barefoot, shoes or galoshes often times we are too busy, got good shoes on or hundreds of other excuses. Take the time, jump in the puddle thank me later!
  12. Blow bubbles this one could just remain on my list I always have bubbles in my car and often in my pack nothing makes you feel as good as gently blowing bubbles to carry your worry’s away with the wind.
  13. Go to u pick a strawberry field and pick enough strawberries for a strawberry berry themed meal. I am thinking spinach strawberry salad and strawberry shortcake for dessert 
  14. Skip stones a cross a clear, lake  Just fun . 
  15. Fly paper airplanes. I will never forget the time me and Renea climbing up on the roof and for almost a hour we made paper airplanes and lunched them off of the 7th floor (yes we went down and picked up afterwards) 
  16. Read a book in a hammock ( may take multiple attempts I keep falling asleep)
  17. Wake up early one sunny Saturday and visit yard sales
  18. Lie in bed with the doors and windows open and listen to a spring thunder storm the rain and the spring peepers 
  19. Sit by a fire, sing songs and drink hot chocolate!
  20. Do something I have never done before I have no clue about this one but I am leaving my heart and mind open and ready to try something new! 

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