What a beautiful snow day, I had to get out and explore! I headed out this morning going toward bent creek I thought maybe a hike around Lake Powatantan would be nice before I got there I saw a barn and changed my mind, thinking photographing madison county barns would be nice.

I made it as far as Sams’s gap when Emily texted.

As fun as snow days, are they are even more fun when shared!  And Emily and I  have the most amazing,  epic adventures. So without hesitation I turned around and headed back to Aashville! Emily had said she would explore west Asheville till I got there. I thought it was very synchronistic that I came in from on a little known side road and see her off the beaten path on this side road! We turn all our thought on getting up in the mountains. Our first stop was just a little past Bethel.

I liked the left over Christmas trees
A cool old truck

Then on to lake Logan. The cabins up there where amazingly, beautiful!

This looks like it came stight out of a fairy tale
The cabin looks even better with Emily standing beside it
The view from the cabin

We stopped a few more times on the way up 215 towards the parkway. The waterfalls above sunburst were amazing!  We also filled up our water bottles with spring water coming out of a pipe beside the falls.

The best I have ever seen Sunburst falls look!

We ended up at Devils Courthouse

There were quite a few people on the parkway hiking, sledding, cross country sking. We had a great hike very icy under the snow near  Devils courthouse.  We had a wonderful ride home enjoying all of the beauty the world had graced us with. Memorys that will last a lifetime.

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