After many years of seeing pictures and hearing stories of Daffodil flats in the Linville gorge

, I decided this would be the year I finally made the hike that so many have warned was extremely difficult. Many years ago when I was around 7 or 8 out riding my bicycle around the block I met an amazing girl, Dee Gosnell Anderson. Thru out our life, we have had some extraordinary adventures. Yesterday we added one more to the list and visited the Linville gorge’s Daffodil flats. Before we tackle such a monumental undertaking, we need food.

We search Marion NC for an old dinner with sufficient character. We found Elliott’s dinner and had a good old fashion breakfast. A beautiful Carolina morning it was nearing seventy degrees by the time we arrive at the trail-head.

The hike down To the flats was beautiful and scenic We met many wonderful people on the way down, some we saw as they pass going down and then again a bit later as they came back out lol, we just took our time and enjoyed our day!

And the flats themselves were amazing.

We went on a perfect day. I do believe it was the peak of the peak! We spread a picnic blanket and fried up a burger, this was the perfect place for a picnic.

Then we had to make a decision to go back the way we came or try a shorter but steeper “No Name trail”. We chose the latter. Wow! We named it a lot of different things before getting to the top, some not very nice

! It was so steep in places ropes had been tied to trees to assist your climb. Battered beaten and wore out we made to the top two hours later.

By then it was raining, dark and we still had 1/2 mile to the car. We were so elated at our achievement we did not mind at all. We ended up eating pizza in a cow pasture for supper and then searching Marion, Old Fort, and Black Mountain for a cup of coffee. We had watched the sunrise and sixteen hours later, we needed coffee dang it! It was a long day. But WOW!

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