It is that time of year time again. Exploring the spring episode of “nature on a river”.

A nice warm March breeze blowing.
Spring peepers serenading, backed up by the babbling lullaby of the river. Song birds of many types fill in the gaps
Hatchs of spring insects breaking free of their liquid chains, free at last as they make their way toward the heavens.

A pair of mallards madly in love slide into a private cove formed by a fallen tree. A lone cormorant makes its way up the river.
Muskrats or a otter family have built a wonderful home in the bank complete with a slide into the water.

Maple trees are in full bloom, giving just a hint of color to an early spring landscape. Oh an did I mention the song birds are even more prolific the further down you go?

One day I hope to float this river all the way to New Orleans so I that I can truly know a river. An artery of America at one time. It still amazes me the life it does support both natural and human.

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