Making it happen
At the lake Sunday Miss Evie told me that she had learned to ride a bike and loved it. Would I please come get her and her bike and take her riding somewhere?
When I showed up at her house yesterday with my bike rack on and my bike ready to ride. She was like, Wow Granddaddy, “I asked you and you made it happen.” Of course, that is what being a Granddaddy is about!
Then she showed me her bike, a ragged pink beast, beat up and dirty with training wheels on it. My idea of a bike ride diminished somewhat. I thought maybe ride a few minutes then go get Ice cream.

She had loftier plans. We rode bikes all evening! We ended up riding up the park, around the track, exploring every trail there. Stopping to play with bugs, to wade in the river, to climb trees, she was stopping to do all of the things I love to do, we had a great time.

Sherri was just getting off work as we finished our second lap so she brought us a picnic supper: pizza and bug juice. Then we did another few laps around the track and then went to the playground area so she could show me how far she could go on the monkey bars. She made it back and forth a few times! WOW!

As we were going back out onto the track I looked over at the volleyball game. The sun setting behind them. They had stirred up a cloud of dust that the light filtered through. It reminded me of the sunset football game we had seen in the Top gun movie, we had watched just a few days ago. Beautiful people in a beautiful light.

We ended up riding till the lightening bugs outnumbered the people. It was a perfect way to spend the summer solstice. We ended up riding over 8 miles. 8 miles of fun and laughter!

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