Saturday afternoon we heeded the call of the wild and headed off on an adventure! The weather was perfect, puffy little pillow clouds dotted the sky, temperature 65 and just a hint of fall color on the mountainsides. All of our packs were quite heavy but we did not mind as we hiked the five miles to our destination stopping frequently to admire mountaintop vistas or to be amazed at the variety of plants and wildlife Emily was a wonderful guide telling us about the plants we had seen before but never knew anything about. Our goal was shining rock, it was growing dark and we were getting tired by the end of the day the pack finally digging into my shoulders. my legs were getting sore. It was twilight with just a hint of cloud covered daylight left we when we made it to Shining rock. Oh my gosh, it took my breath away, bright white quartz boulders popping out of the ground like weeds in the garden and to say they shined would be an understatement they seemed to be glowing. You could feel the energy this magical place. As we were sitting up camp it started to rain getting to be a steady rain soon Richard made a gallant effort at building a fire actually he had a nice fire going but I did not much feel like sitting by it in the downpour so I made a quick bite to eat and went to bed early exhausted from a magnificent day. I slept on a rock so I did sleep as well as I would have at the Hilton but I got a nice night’s rest. I do remember waking up around 6:30 to use the restroom amazed again at how vibrant the quartz here glowed. Sunday morning was easy hanging around camp making breakfast, telling story’s, relaxing. After breakfast we hiked up to the top of the rock, the clouds and fog were rolling in and out of the mountain tops and valleys. Beautiful!!! we sat there for a while in silence honoring. We packed up and were ready to leave around 12:30 as we walked out of camp the rain returned soon a steady downpour and the trails we had walked in on now were streams several inches deep some places ponds. Soaking wet we still managed to have fun, exploring, laughing and telling stories. We took a different trail out so it still exciting and new. By the time we had made back to the car I could not find a dry place on my whole body but do you know what I did find as I looked into the rear-view mirror ready to leave? A big ear to ear smile, even in the rain I am much happier in the woods!!!45469382262_b96ded30c3_z

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