A Chasing Peri Party​

A chance encounter with a friend, or so I thought. Out on a bike ride to our favorite beach, A beautiful bright orange butterfly joined us. she floated right beside me, I would speed up she would speed up. I stopped to tell Sherri what had happened but she did not leave. She fluttered beside us till we left again. Sherri said she was flirting with me. She stayed with us till we got to the beach (I do not believe her wings could fight the ocean wind).  I nodded off in my hammock I was stirred awake by a voice, I looked around and did not see anyone, then there she was sitting on the side of my hammock she spoke with a voice that did not quite fit her, almost like she had an accent, but I could not place where from,

She informed me her name was Frederica and that she was part of the faerie clan that was here on the island for a special event. Wait I said “you are a butterfly not faerie” She flew over to the other side “you are so silly” she quipped. Many tribes will be here for this gathering Faerie’s, elf’s, all the woodland creatures maybe even the mermaids will show up. This will be huge!

On a hike earlier this morning I came across a clearing in the live oaks the golden sun pierced through the sheer fabric of Spanish moss. Illuminating the spot, I remember stopping in my tracks taking it all in. the smell of the woodland, the saltiness with just a hint of Jasmine perfume from the vines I had passed earlier. Drops of dew just beginning to dry, flower petals littering a well-worn floor and thought there must have been something special happening here. Frederica let me know that yes there was a gathering there last night. And it was all done in preparation for my arrival. My arrival? Why? She assured me that yes, I and I would know more as the week unfolded, to keep my heart and mind open and be on the look out for zemi trinkets. Zemi trinkets? I asked? yes, she said they are ways we can help you if you allow us too. We have been leaving them for you for years. “you have? Why have I not seen these? You are only alive today because of the ones you did use she said as she cocked her eye towards me in a somewhat scowled but kittenish at the same time . “Come now we must get ready” Get ready to what I asked? wake up? Are you with me? She asked “no you are not even real” was my reply She looked me in eye and asked what made me believe I was real! . I was thinking about this one when I woke up, just a dream I thought. But as I adjusted my eyes I looked out on the bay at a passing ship with big letters on the side  F-R-E-D-E-R-I-C-A

I started to climb up the tree. I was nervous but the deeply furrowed bark of the box elder seemed to beckon me, I lovingly rubbed my hands along the trunk I Looked up as dappled sunlight streamed through the canopy. It seemed so alive with birds testing their wings, a squirrel chasing his brother, an inch worm passes taking his measurements. A whole galaxy resides here I thought, as I slide my shoes off. I plant one foot up on a knobby nub while reaching for a hole up above. I look for the next hold but there are none almost ready to admit defeat, I try one last long reach. Almost magically the hold comes into focus, right before I reach it,  I see no other, yet the same thing happens as I reach a hold magically appears. It will be several more feet of this before I have my first limb to grab hold of.

The tree went out over the river a good twenty feet before it branched out. This is where I made to when I heard “what chee doo-ing” Holy crap, I had to fight to keep enough balance to remain in the tree. What does it look like I am doing, I mean how did you find me? Are you stalking me? “No I just came to watch the sunset is this ok?” I still do not know if I trust this girl. Things she told me about herself the last time I saw her just do not add up or are totally unbelievable. How did she know I was here, I thought I am twenty miles from nowhere? I looked up in this tree before I started climbing, she was not there then. My thoughts were interrupted by her shouting “catch” right before lobbing an imaginary rock at me, again leaving me fighting maintain my place in tree. She thought this was extremely funny
Her voice changed into a more contemplative tone “It is nice up here” she said reclining against a limb, her shoe-less feet dangling in the air,  gazing out to the horizon. I looked too, the sun was a giant ball laying low on the horizon a dragonfly dart across the sun. She was right this was the perfect place to enjoy a late-summer sunset. Neither of us spoke for quite a while just soaked it in then all of the sudden she jumped up and proclaimed “we should have a party!” Startled I did not know what to say “when?” I stammered. Right now, of course, was her reply. “I must be getting home “
Before I could say anything she became a flurry of activity, she ran down the tree and picked two-morning glory flowers. She then whispered something to a passing butterfly. Before long they were hundreds of butterflies bringing nectar to fill the morning glory cups Pari had made. What are these for I asked? You will see she replied as she ran back down the tree. She returned with just a small handful of raspberries. Party time she exclaimed! Pari I do not believe this will be much of a party I moaned. She asked if I had any idea what so ever what a party is.  My idea of a party is lots of people, tables over flowing with food, loud Music, Drinks maybe even gifts.  She smiled slyly, my parties are much more reserved. At my party’s you recognize that the place you are at in this world is special. You recognize the gifts and signs from the heavens.  You do what I said? You know celebrate the solstice, the equinox, full moons, rainbows, first snows. What does this party recognize I asked” This is for this tree, for the gift of a sunset and for friends. But no one else is here? She laughed and asked why I had climbed up this tree in the first place? Then I remembered the birds, the squirrels and of course the inch worm that reminded me of an old man I once knew. Where are they now I had  got so caught of with Pari I had not even noticed them .