Finding the perfect Christmas tree

 Christmas on Walton mountain  I remember, as a kid watching The Walton's a TV show about a families life on a mountain in Virginia during the depression. My whole family loved that show. I think it was because it could have been about them. There were many scenes where uncle Woodrow would  proclaim "I remember when we … Continue reading Finding the perfect Christmas tree

You do not have to travel to Cuba to find the perfect Cuban sandwich.

You will enrich your life immeasurably if you approach it with a sense of wonder and discovery, and always challenge yourself to try new thingsNate Berkus A while back when I posted my almost Cuban sandwich post. I received a comment from a friend who is the sous chef at Cousins Cuban Cafe in Black Mountain.  … Continue reading You do not have to travel to Cuba to find the perfect Cuban sandwich.

Living room table fort date night

I was super excited about this one! Romantic winter bucket list Item #30 Build a pillow blanket fort and have a “rom-com” movie party. PERFECT DATE NIGHT This one was so much fun! I made us a cozy little blanket fort under the table using lots of pillows, lots of blankets, and fairy lights before … Continue reading Living room table fort date night

Small pleasures

Living enchanted moments Somewhere in between a breathtaking sunrise on top of a mountain and a tragic death of someone close to you. This where life happens! Some Days just sitting down with a cup of coffee is all the enchantment we need. Releasing all expectations and preconceived notions of the way this moment should be or feel. … Continue reading Small pleasures

Homemade cookies

Living an enchanted life is often about finding small moments of pleasure. In a fast-paced world taking the time to make one thing in your day decadent. My simple pleasure of today? I baked peanut butter cookies. My winter bucket list had to bake Christmas cookies. I will get around to making colorful sugar cookie … Continue reading Homemade cookies