Mini vacation, Happy Anniversary

We stayed at Big Lynn Lodge in Little Switzerland. A very cool 100-year-old lodge, where at promptly 6:00 pm the dinner bell rings. When Sherri told me of the low price and that dinner and breakfast were included, I was worried! everyone sits in long rows sort of cafeteria style. Fresh bread and a salad to start with. The menu reminds me of what we had when I was a kid (One meal you do not like it maybe breakfast will be better.) but surprisingly I did like it, sliced beef, Brussel sprouts, and corn with peach pie and ice cream and a cup of coffee for dessert. We met several people from all over the Carolinas and Tennessee. The owner walks around to each table and chats, introduces himself, makes you feel really at home After dinner they had rec room down stairs with a pool table card tables and nice leather sofas with a big coffee table with lots of jigsaws puzzles to play with. Up stairs a parlor with a piano and a well-stocked library. Nice patios with comfortable seating outside.

I love some of the people you see when you travel.
While sitting outside we noticed that out on the front porch of cottage 103 this gentleman in a black button up shirt with a white collar, clergy style, his hair slicked back and parted on the side, mirrored sunglasses, smoking a cigarette. A whole movie played before my eyes as I watched him smoke his cigarette. I wished I had my camera and the nerve to ask him for a picture for the book cover at least!

One of Sherri’s favorite things to do around here is to go to the orchard at Altapass on a Saturday afternoon get some of their hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream, listen to the old time music and watch the dancers, maybe even join in on a dance or two. Today it was packed, most of the dancers seemed to be in their 80s. Have you ever watched young people dance it is as if they are in competition, who is the better dancer, who can get the prettiest girl? With these older people, it was a pure celebration of life and the fact they had made it this far! We had a great time and was glad we had got to join in the celebration. Afterwards, we went chasing waterfalls.35463256954_c89863bbcb_z

Up,Up and away

A very cool day, well only because we made that way. After stepping outside into the sweltering late July heat, we decided a trip to the mountains was in order. A quick stop by earth-fare and we were off. Up up and up, the higher we went the lower the temp, we drove a little past Mount Mitchell. We found the perfect little pull-off where we could set up both hammocks. Lounged around reading our books, napping and snacking for a few hours. I drug out the baby grill and cooked two amazing steaks, these along with macaroni salad and a french baguette made a wonderful picnic, strawberry rhubarb pie finished the meal. I am sure they were bears on that mountain salivating with those smells drifting around! Did not slow down the fun, till the sun had set

Remembering Sweet butt’s

I had a great relaxing ride home today. Made several stops along the way the first one when I rode past the old 12 Bones restaurant and seen this sign35490387225_2bfbd38a1d_z

After pedaling in a headwind for a mile or so (I usually hate headwinds but today, at least it seemed to cool me off) I stopped by the park relaxed in the shade and tried to get WordPress synched.   When I left I did not make far till I came across blackberries on one side of the road honeysuckle on other What a great snack!


Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the flowers.

I still am not pleased with this camera phone, one other option I am exploring is Eye-fi  sd cards on my camera, at least it would send pictures to my phone right away.

Family, friends, and food.

What a great evening! We got to pick up Miss Evie from daycare, run by the grocery store and pick up a few things for supper.   We had a lot of fun when we got home.  Evie and I went across the road and played on the swing for awhile, she loves the playground!  But we had to get back and get my shrimp to marinating.  We set outside at the table and peeled shrimp. She did not know what to do at first so she just watched, it was not long before she started helping I thought she done well Nana thought she stunk! Oh well, back to having fun. Sherri sits out on the porch and blew bubbles Evie loved this and would just cackle and laugh and run in circles.  Sherri and I love bubbles even if the kids are not around we keep bottles of bubbles at home, in the car, and if we are floating the river we blow bubbles there also!

Miss Shelby and Kristy stopped by to pick up Evie so we got to visit with them for awhile. Then I got started back on my outdoor kitchen. I made a few cuts when an old friend stopped by to visit.  I love company all the time but summertime, outside just reminds me of my childhood at granddaddies.  For some reason, it always seemed like we had more company during the summer.

Then I finished cutting my rafters on my outdoor kitchen. This project is slowing down with all the summer fun. But I try to get a little done every chance I get and this was my goal for today.34192012703_95c5ef482a_z

Before the rains started last week,  I got the wiring started.35003027635_1ebf993dd9_z

I have to get the tile done first but here are the lights I got for it

Portfolio Ellicott 13.12-in H Galvanized Dark Sky Outdoor Wall Light

But enough of this!  I had to go on at least a short bike ride before cooking supper. It was a great ride right at sunset! That put me to cooking my shrimp in the dark but sitting back relaxing enjoying a fine meal at the end of a very full day was beyond great!!!!!!

I want a new bike!

What a day  REI had a great sale that was over today I could save a few hundred dollars on a bike. So I spent three hours at REI today trying to decide between three bikes. I took one out, then I took the bike I have now out ( I had to justify the purchase), then the other bike, then have the mechanic make an adjustment or two then take it out again. I finally did make a desion. Got home took it for a ride, enjoyed the ride. Made supper then got on the internet comparing what I had gotten with one just a little more expensive the other one had 36 spokes vs 32 on the one I got (good for fat people such as myself) Before long I had convinced myself to trade. This was at fifteen after eight REI closed at nine. I rushed and threw the bike back on the rack and headed back. While the 36 spokes were nice, haveing a rack already was nice, they reminded me how much I like the handlebars being two inches higher. I am too old to have a flat back on a bike. So I came back with the same bike. I am still not 100% percent on this purchase. But I am going to keep it a few days and give it try!

Fashmob IX Cover story

I had a great time at a local collaborative of photographers, models, designers, makeup artists, and hairstylists. I learned much not just from my photos but also studying others photos of the same models. The most fun was had by handing my Granddaughter Shelby the camera and getting her view. The pictures of her I took, the ones of other models she took.


The intoxicating bouquet

I was working in the garden this afternoon when she snuck up behind me embracing me,

I could feel summers tendrils pulling me closer to the edge.

Before I saw her, I was mesmerized by her spell.

I must suckle at least one before any more work will be done.33876566703_98d75b263d