Beer and timber

I love dark and stormy’s but I am paying way to much for good ginger beer! It was a rainy day here so I decided to try to make my own. I found lots of recipes on the internet most were basically the same thing ginger, cream of tartar, lime juice sugar and yeast. Put in a plastic bottle, open it every day, hope that it does not explode!  I added a jalapeno pepper for a little bite



Boil for awhile then add yeast.


The sun eventually came out and I got to work in the garden. Still working on a surround for my griddle.  Today I got the beams up for the roof, the back put on and the plywood on the counter top.


It was a long but rewarding day!

A salty day

I fell asleep at 9:00 last night, so I woke up early this morning and decided to take a long sunrise walk on the beach. Sunrise seems to be the busiest time on the beach down here, joggers getting their exercise, seashell collectors finding out what high tide as left behind, yoga class, and sunrise admirers like myself.33306530514_ebf7d5d025_c

Walking along the beach I had a chance to play with some artsy panning shots this one turned out well I believe.34018632241_d0056f41fa_c

Sox and I went dolphin hunting on broad creek today. I always head into the wind and go as far as I can, then I have a down wind trip home. Today I made it up to the entrance of this creek this is where I spotted a dolphin cruise boat with everyone pointing right past me, I looked to the starboard and maybe twenty foot from me the water changed to a slick gray color and a graceful body slipped into the air as it made a slight jump. It startled me just a bit so it was not till the next jump that I noticed a small calf right beside her.  The cuteness scale was rocked. I watched a few more jumps before continuing to explore I did see several other dolphins today. It was a very rewarding kayak trip


I do not know if they are safe to harvest? I am no good I schucking them if I did. I do know this is why I wear shoes when I kayak around here. They are like knife blades, guarding the entrance,  the oyster beds are no joke!34018627031_b0433b9673_z

Stopped by the up the creek pub and had one of the best meals of the trip A triggerfish sandwich with onion rings and a Natty Greene IPA


Ended the day the same way I started it with a walk!


Dancing a jig

We had a great dinner tonight. I love it when it is warm enough to have the family night in the garden! We have grown to ten of us, the perfect size for a garden party. A few hours sat aside for food, fun, family, music, laughter! and I may have even danced a jig or two.