Another day, Another bunch of Carrots

I once worked with a old man named Hank Roberts he sold furniture when I knew him. A cool character played who semipro baseball ball as a young man. He was was an identical twin, his brothers name was Harold. They married identical twins May and Faye. He always had wonderful stories to tell about his life. But everyday I would ask him how he was doing and his response was always the same. Another day another bunch of carrots!

As the weather cools and it is getting dark earlier it is time to bring my hobbies indoors. I love cooking, I love photography, I love shopping! A hobby that combines all of this is food photography. I set up a new studio in the living room. I made a DIY horizontal arm for my tripod so I can play with flat lay photography.

My first subject in the new studio is a bunch of carrots. So I raise a toast to Hank Roberts and “another bunch of carrots”

Old World carrots

Close to the edge
The spread
Get your carrots in a row.
Lay them straight
Harvest time.

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A few fall days

I got a new camera to play with and had a few fall days to play. A perfect combination!

A new camera may be just what I needed for getting my creativity jump started!

Fashion knows, no boundary’s

On a Rainy Saturday the camera saw first light.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,. But I have promises to keep,. And miles to go before I sleep,. And miles to go before I sleep.
Let us go out in a blase of glory!
laying in my hammock one last peek before sleep
God is speaking!
Down by the river.

Good-bye to summer

On Sunday October 13th with only a slight hangover from the dinner party on Saturday. Jerry and Ali met us at the house and we loaded mine and Sherri’s kayaks, Winston was letting us borrow two more kayaks and a trailer to haul them. We picked them up in Leicester and headed across the mountain. We were wanting to go back to Lake Jocassee or Glenville even but rain was forecast for all lakes to the south of us so Lake Fontana it would be. but first we were hungry and needed breakfast. I had heard good things about Clyde’s in Waynesville so we must stop there first. We got there twenty minutes too late for breakfast. So much disappointment, till we seen the Sunday specials. Lunchs that looked like grandma’s after church meals. I ordered the Turkey with giblet gravy and cranberry sauce. Mmmm it was so good, it was hard to stop at half but if I did not, I would gain 6 lbs.

We got brave and headed to lake Jocassee

I was tired and hung over from a night out dancing but we headed out around 9:30 Sunday morning . Sherri and I met Linda and Brian at waffle house, for scattered covered and smothered will cure a hangover we did not make to the lake till nearly 1:00 We had so much fun. That is a big beautiful lake! Sherri loved just taking off paddling alone at her own speed. She said she loved the freedom of just paddle we did end up across the lake at the “wall” and a beautiful, small bright white, beach. Where we swam, sunbathed, climbed on the rocks had an amazing time hanging out.

We are ready for battle!
Linda and myself taking our time.
The motly crew!

Red Snapper and Crabs

Recently Jesse and I had a chance to deep sea fishing. We were in Destine Florida for the week and was looking to go out on a charter boat it was $700 to $900 for one half day. Granted it was for up to 8 people but we did not have friends down here to split the cost with. we talked about renting a boat for the week but by the time we purchased lithe next best thing a shared charter 10 people were going out

Red snapper

We went to Jesse’s for supper tonight it was the first chance we had to cook the seafood we caught on our Destin Florida trip. The snapper we cooked with a creamy piccata sauce it tasting amazing but they were quite a few bones the blue crabs we boiled in old bay seasoned water maybe they did not like being frozen they were not very good.

Lake lure trip

We got a late start, made even later by me I kept stopping and turning off. Going down one road only because they were a sign saying turn here I am so glad I did it was hickory nut farms store and restaurant. They had an amazing selection but we did not have a cooler so we could not buy meat but I will be back!!!! We went to a restaurant Angie has been bragging about there bloody Mary’s.The River Watch at lake lure did have an wonderful Bloody Mary.We circled lake lure the whole lake and end up at a biker tiki bar swimming pool.