It was overcast as we headed out into the frozen winter wonderland, the forecast high on the mountain yesterday was 19° (I do not believe it ever made it?), A foggy mist had frozen to the branch’s, creating a crystal chandelier palace. We were in the kingdom of beautiful now.

You could feel it all around as we pushed through ten inches of the fluffiest, whitest powder. It almost felt starchy as my boots shuffled through it. On some sides of the mountain, the snow had blew off of the top of the mountain creating drifts almost three feet deep. It was plowing over our knees as we posthole through it. Savanna loved it! Bounding in great leaps to clear the high spots.

A spell was cast, exciting all of my senses. I will never forget how loud the muffled silence, echoed in my head. The smell of snow with notes of forest and a whiff of wind from the north pole. Even the sting on my cheeks made me feel alive and grateful to be here. And of course, I had to taste it! crunchy with a hint of Santa Claus

Back in the day, some of my antics started with “hold my beer” Nowadays it is ” Emily video this.”

We love to bring sleds with us on our winter adventures in hopes that we will find a bald, a grassy field, any incline with few obstructions. However, it was not looking good for finding such areas today. Then it hit. This trail looks like a bobsled track. I took off my backpack and sat it on my lap. Then here comes that sentence, “Hey Emily videos this!” and off I go! But I soon realize holding on to the bag left me no hands to steer with, as I start into a spin. I hear Emily scream out as I leave the trail. This is where I remember there was a tree.

I looked it up. The part of a bell that swings back and forth hitting the sides, making a noise, it is called a clapper. Yesterday I got to play the part of a clapper. But the effect it had on me was different. That tree rang my bell! As I slammed against the tree, my internal organs rearranging. That piece of gum I swallowed in third grade dislodging from my appendix. By the time Emily had made it to me, I am grasping for breath, the first time since I was a kid the breath had been knocked from me. But soon realize there was no real trauma, so was back to sledding every chance we got. But I wore my pack so my steering hands would be free, lol

We made to the top of the mountain with gorgeous views from a lookout then on over the top and down to a cute little shelter in the next valley. We enjoyed hot cocoa, meditated, tried to get warm, got cold, even savanna seemed to be cold.

The sun made a few brief appearances illuminating the ice crystals on the trees reminding us that we were in the temple. We warmed back up quickly as we headed back up the mountain.

It was time go; the temperature was falling as we reached the top of this icy palace. Standing in the palace watching the sunset through the trees, was perhaps the closest to perfection I could ever hope for! And be able to enjoy with Emily and Savanna, Perfect. Perfect day, perfect friends and it all started with

“Do you want to build a snowman!!!

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