I have come down the French broad river in a kayak many times, always amazed at the variety of wildlife I see. I have often wondered what is like at night on the river? A few years ago I started thinking a full moon ride down would be fun. Something always stopped me, the weather, prior obligations, but mostly fear.

I love hiking and exploring at night but there still just a touch of being scared of the dark.
I had planned this float a few week ago but yesterday I almost talked myself out of going. They are building two new bridges, maybe I should wait and go once during the day to see what has changed, what if trees are blocking the routes I normally go? What if people steal my catalytic converter while I am gone, what if they are dumping a body when I pull up to the ramp, the list goes on lol.

But I overcame my fears and went last night. The fear was of going, not being there, once on the river it was the most peaceful relaxing floats I have had. Being there at night was a completely different experience.
The wildlife was different, the smell was different.
There was billions of bugs at dusk, I could have opened my mouth and had supper. But not one mosquito all night.
When the full moon finally broke the horizon it was beautiful, relaxing, soul cleansing!
A muskrat popping head about the water beside me to see for himself only added to the experience.
While I had hopes of seeing the Biltmore house with the moon rising above it. This was not as impressive as I had hoped for. My timing for it was perfect but the house was not was not lit up enough.
I hope to take more moonlight tours in future.

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