My day was going good. Then I pull up to the red light. I catch him out the corner of my eye headed for my vehicle. I reach over to try to lock the door but he beats me to it. He slings the door open and jumps into the passenger seat. This scares me shitless! A hundred things rush through my mind 99 of them say I am being car jacked. Pure instinct takes over as I punch him. I am sure from my seated position this does not do much. At the same time I floor the gas,out into the intersection then slam on brakes blocking and being blocked by traffic. He yells what did I do? At the top of my lungs I respond get “F” out of my vehicle!!!!
My reaction must have taken him by surprise. He gets out and walks off. My blood pressure and adrenaline was peak for the next little bit. Still somewhat shaken.
Now my fist hurts that was the first punch I have thrown in thirty years. Not that it was like I threw it, it was pure reflexive. He may have been harmless just the methadone kicking in (It was in front of a clinic) or he could have had much worse intentions. All I know is when you are alone and your mom’s is not there to help you and the preacher is not the to help and the cops are not sitting there ready to help. You have a fraction of a second to come up with something. I am glad there is something primal lurking in the back of the mind ready to fight for survival
Be careful out there, lock your door!

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