I finally made it home this afternoon and got four or five decent hours of sleep.
But then I could not stay in on a full wolf moon I bundled up and took off. It was an amazing evening. As I walked around my little section of West Asheville I noticed very few people were out aside from this one set of neighbors building an igloo in front yard. I do not really know her other than when we go Christmas caroling she is always the most excited to see us! She is always so full of joy!!! I stopped by the little white church I always stop by this church in the snow.
After my walk I could not go in with out sledding on “THE HILL”
I do not know what is wrong with kids today but it was, virgin snow. It took a few times to make a run. But then it was fast!! I came down several times. The good news about it being so cold is that the snow just dusts right off of you. I stayed warm and dry.
The last run I just laid on my back for almost thirty minutes just watching the clouds scurry across the moon! I thought do these clouds represent how fast my life is passing by?
NO, I decided they represent adventure! Imagining surfing one!
Then I thought I heard Bob Huskey whistle for Debra Huskey Sigmon and I knew it was time to go home and warm up with a cup of hot cocoa.

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