This mornings ride was, Peppermint Patty (cool and refreshing)
This afternoons ride was, Honey (Sweet and golden)!

Bonjour. BonJour. Debout et brillez ! C’est une belle matinée. Je suis si heureux que tu sois dans ma vie. Je voulais te dire à quel point je t’aime.

My Pink Martini, playlist on Pandora was in a very french mood this morning. Most of the songs were women singng perky french coffee shop jazz. Not a bad way to start the day. Not that I know a lick of french. It such a beautiful language even better when sung.

I tried the toe warmers I got for Christmas= game changer! Toasty toes!
I also got a new light I look like a christmas tree pedaling up the road.

je t’aime passe une bonne journée

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