Upper Catawba falls is of my favorite waterfalls. But the climb to get there will pucker you up on a good day. But today with wet rocks and with anything remotely horizontal covered in slick wet leaves. but do not too worry much about anything being horizontal.
The last time I was here they were ropes to help but they are no longer there. I was half way up and started second guessing this decision. After a few moments of introspection, up seemed easier than down, even though I knew in the back of my mind I would eventually have to come back down this same cliff.
I do love the mediative process of taking my time thinking not just of the next step, the next hand hold, but thinking three moves ahead like a chess player. The only time I slipped any was when I got careless and did not think ahead.
The reward was one of the most amazing falls around. There was quite a crowd at the lower falls. I only passed one other couple coming down on trail up to the upper falls

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