A great end of year bike ride through the green ways of west Asheville.

Met duck hunters getting out of the river at Hominy creek don’t see many duck hunters around here. Four young guys unloading their boats each with neckless’s of decoys excited that they killed three ducks.
On to the studios in the river arts district. I love seeing all the different arts on display Asheville is home to many top notch artists. I could have made a day out the studios but I was getting hungry

Went by up-town, stopped by a small sidewalk cafe, had beignets and coffee. I looked like a bumpy landing in a third world jungle in a plane with seats made out of cocaine, powdered sugar all over me! Mmm they were good!

On to north Asheville explore the neighborhoods around the Grove Park Inn.
The Grove park inn, once a crown jewel upon Asheville’s landscape. They have build so many second rate building around it, Now it is at best a shrine to mediocrity.

It is amazing the access you have on a bike. I went places today if you parked a car and got out to explore it would look very suspicious but on a bike you are good you have a free pass.

On To Beaver lake, where I found lots of places that I was unaware of. Including the perfect picnic table tucked in a corner. Perfect place to eat the last beignet!

Up over the mountain to UNCA. I could have just went on Merrimon but NO!
I asked the doctor at my last physical why he did not give a stress test? He said I gave my self one every weekend. That mountain was definitely a stress test but I have never pushed a bike and have no intention of starting now! Zig zag till your lungs explode or you make it.

On past the botanical gardens down to the river to zillicoah brewing and the best food truck around, taqueria munoz. Sherri called about that time so she stopped by for tacos.
Back on the green ways for the ride home I love how far you can go on the various green ways around Asheville now days.
A great way to increase endurance is to ride as far as you can, till you can’t make it any further. Then pedal your ass home. My phone died after the ruin’s at Sulpher springs so no pictures of all the deer I seen right past there.

A Great ride!!!

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