Sometimes I go on hikes but yesterday me and friend Adam Dettmers got to go back to my favorite jungle gym of all time.

The Chimmys at Tablerock state park. Out of all my travels up and down the east coast this place wins for the rugged raw beauty, the magnificent views of linville gorge, and the feeling of being in a sacred place! I am in awe each and every trip!!! But also I love the opportunity to play, climb, crawl and scurry around this rock garden.

Everytime I go find new places to play, new rocks to climb, new caves to explore. This time I found the hole to heaven, A belly crawl of about fifteen feet that allowed me to climb up to a rock ridge I have seen before, but never been able to get to. The views from up there were amazing.

There were even a few camp sites on the top. (Seeds have been planted)
I tried to leave with a route that did not involve the belly crawl. But it took hugging a wall while crossing a ten inch ledge around the bend for about twenty feet. Then I got to where the path was, only to find out that I would have had about a seven foot climb with no good hand holds to get up to it. Looking down fifty feet to the next ledge I decided to scratch that idea and go back for another belly crawl lol
After playing there for awhile we made our way down to the amphitheater. This place has what jesse calls the spring for the gods if we could make it to it we could live forever!!

Then as we made our way around the Carolia wall the sky darkened, the winds picked up, sometimes thirty mile an hour gusts as we walked along a ledge with several hundred feet below us before we would bounce of the next rock.

It never really rained but my hopes for a beautiful sunset never happened either. I did manage to get a few shots of Tablerock in the blue light.

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