I have accepted that I am a hopeless romantic craving the idyllic life that can only be achieved in a hallmark movie.

Today was pretty close to such a day. After picking up these three wonderful women, cranking up the all-Christmas music radio station, and aiming the car towards the mountains. We were off in search of the perfect Christmas tree. The farm was packed with tree hunters from across the south. Today was a celebration. They had food trucks, hot chocolate, and Santa there today! After finding the perfect tree. Shelby and I took turns sawing it down! The blisk late fall air just added to the Christmas spirit.

A few days ago Evie helped me get up the leaves in the garden. I would have just gone ahead and carried them behind the house but she insisted on bagging and carrying them to the front corner so her sisters could all jump in them. When we got back from the tree hunt this is what they did. It was pure joy as they dove into the leaves, tossed leaves in the air, and shouted with glee!!!

Singing and dancing around the tree as we decorated. Then Shelby baked us the most amazing pumpkin muffins. Her ability in the kitchen blows my mind!!

Closing the day out watching a Christmas movie the Chronicles 2. What a way to kick off the holidays!!!

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