After the caving experience, we headed to Georgia to rendezvous with Sherri Sitton, Ali Rueda and Jerry Rueda in Helen GA  It was a beautiful drive along the backroads of Alabama. I did mange to convince ricky to stop a few times for photos including a few decent sunset pictures.

We rolled into town at almost 10:00p This town was totally different than the times we have visited during the summer. Now it is packed to the gills, overflowing with beer, tourists, sexy Lederhosen, schnitzel, and more beer.

Dee and ricky dropped me off at the hotel. where I quickly unloaded and met my crowd at the bar. Ali had gotten me a beer mug hat to wear.  I think it was because it looked so silly that Sherri wold not wear it lol! 

But everyone loved it. The band was rocking and we partied hard, dancing, drinking and having a good time.  A majority of people in coustume I remember  at one point being on the dance floor and people taking turns dancing in the center of the circlle everyone cheering them on.  There were the brown shorts with suspenders Lederhosen on the men,  the sexy low cut blouse with short skirts and a garter on one leg on the women,  a few monks and a midget. Colored lights flashing. Yes it was quite an experience.

On the way home we decided to go to Huddle house.  Please someone remind me the next time that the 2:00 am Huddle house stop will be regretted! I slept in the next moring but still had a hangover as we made our way out onto the town which was even more packed on Saturday.

After lunch we met up with Dee and Ricky to start the party up again.

Exploring the town visiting shops I chickened out on a tattoo.

Eating at 1:00a again. Again a bad idea! After breakfast we went our separate way Sherri and I stopped by lake chutuge to visit my mom, We played some cards  and went out to eat Mexican. On the way back we found these wings and Jimmy wanted his picture with them

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