I looked at the weather forecast on Monday. The high this Wednesday was forecast at 82 degrees the high next Wednesday 68  my summer days are clicking away way too fast!I needed one more day on the lake.  I have not had the kayak out nearly enough this season. So I put in for Wednesday off.

My plan was to go to Black Bear boat ramp on Lake James and paddle out to big Island. I took off around noon everything was going great until I got to the boat ramp…. It was closed for repairs!

Oh no! But within a quarter of a mile, I found a bridge with a parking space in front of it. It was a short but steep trail down to the lake.

Still made it over to Big Island.

I took a nice swim,

I ate lunch  (I thought about cooking a burger but my diet is working pretty good and this healthy version of  lunch was amazingly good.)

Set up the hammock to read my book, as usual, this put me to sleep. lol. After a nice nap, I awoke to the tiniest of finches singing and playing in the branches right above me.

I took another dip to wake up then paddled around the Island.  Even at 82 degrees, there were many telltale signs saying fall had arrived.  From the sourwoods crimson dress to the golden color that only a clear fall day can paint. 

Heading back in, I pass the marina and restaurant I keep saying I am going to eat at. I drove over to it when I got back but it is only open on weekends this late on the season. 

I took the long way back enjoying the drive. Exploring around the backside of the lake the sun going down, my windows open, hair blowing in the wind, soaking in all the early fall smells, I can not identify but the we’re sweet!. I drove past the brewery that is in a big barn all the tables out in the pasture. This where me and Dee had stopped for beers after our Daffodil flat adventure, I almost stopped. But it was getting late. The sunset this evening was amazing but my battery had run out so I could not get any photos.  All the way home I just kept telling myself WOW! Life is amazing!

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