A few weeks ago I went out hunting mushrooms . Did not even find enough to eat , it was too dry. But after nearly a week of rain I was hoping for an abundance of edible mushrooms. I went out again to my favorite mushroom hunting place along the Blueridge Parkway.

It was beautiful even without the mushrooms

Peek a boo

I was searching near the trail and off the trail, crawling under the rhododernron hells. Exploring yet keeping eyes peeled for snakes and yellow jackets as I climb steadily up this mountain.

I found a few mushrooms that I do not know if thery were edible or not but were still beautiful

I was looking for chanterelles or Hydnum repandum, commonly known as the sweet tooth, wood hedgehog or hedgehog mushroom.

I did not find many mushrooms at all and most of what I found were the sweet tooth’s but that is ok, I like them even better. I did have enough to on a steak and my-oh-my were they good!!

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