I love searching out nature. It seems like I can always find a hike somewhere! Gulf shores Alabama had several hiking options they even had backcountry camping. I choose a 4-mile hike to a secluded beach in the Bon Secour national wildlife refuge.
On my beach trips, my family loves to take a day to go shopping. This was my cue to disappear into the woods.
An amazing hike where I saw one other person the whole day.

I only had to share the beach with the dolphins. Seen the biggest spider I have ever seen. Faced the heat and humidity that I am not used to. I came dangerously close to overheating. (Thank goodness I had the hammock with me and found a shady place to rest and let the midday sun pass over)

I did not publish last week because I want to start having a one week delay on my videos to give me more time in the editing room. Heading out tomorrow for next weeks video.

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