After watching Evie’s graduation, Sherri and I took off on a short overnight trip to Black Balsam. Going to the graduation first meant we would get to the mountain right at sunset and be hiking in the dark to the peak. I was able to get some cool photos of the tent while waiting on the moon to rise.

The clouds set in before the moon rose I sat up for awhile waiting for a clearing that never came I got up to pee sometime in the night and it was clear enough to get a few shots

It was a very windy night as I got up at dawn the tent collapsed. It has had one too many nights on a bald and a pole had bent. I must order new poles for it it a Quarter dome 2 from REI. I love it

Morning light

The Mountain Views we’re gorgeous in the morning light

We hiked off the mountain before breakfast we would eat in town

The drive home

The drive down the parkway was a spectacular display of rhododendrons and azaleas some place whole Mountain side full of azaleas!


I called my friend Dee to inquire about the best breakfast in canton she sent us to Sherrill’s Pioneer restaurant in Clyde we were not disappointed.

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