Wow! I dreamed I walked paths lined with wildflowers, whole mountainsides carpeted with wildflowers, the smell as sweet as spring!

This afternoon dreams came true. I have spoken before of my distaste for the interstate how you can drive across america and never see america on an interstate.
This afternoon I left Spartanburg SC with a idea of enjoying small town america. Asheville Hwy 176 did not disappoint. I beautiful day for a drive. I had circle back and do laps around picturesque towns like Landrum , Tyron, Saluda.
Between Tyron and Saluda my eyes began to grow tired in the long afternoon. I decided I would pull over rest , maybe paint for awhile. I stopped at a roadside pull off I had stopped at before. It had a nice view of the river and a large rock escarpment. Across the road is a parking spot and a gated path, I have always wondered where it went? It has no name, just a sign that say South Carolina Conservation property. I notice a couple taking pictures so walked over and asked what was up that path? They told me about train trestles and waterfalls. I was sold!
I love days when I have no itinerary. I went back to the car, got my pack and a fresh bottle of water. Waking around the first bend was walking into the portal of heaven. I have never seen so many wildflowers! As far as the eye can see with so much variety. With even more in bud for the next wave. I walk up and cross the railroad tracks. I had to step over a gate so it was a little illegitimate but I seen more foot prints so I followed a diminishing trail that got pretty rough up to a waterfall. I am glad I went this way for I found different variety’s of wildflowers up here. I made my way back down and followed the main trail to what I know now as Melrose falls. Absolutely stunning massive falls. A very steep area be careful. The step across to a rock pillar for the photo was a little scary but worth it. The sun was setting as I walked out, the golden light illuminating the wildflowers. The white trillium’s glowing along the forest floor. I stopped by Hendersonville for supper. My meal at Mezzaluna’s was a fitting end to a wonderful evening.

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