Christmas on Walton mountain 

I remember, as a kid watching The Walton’s a TV show about a families life on a mountain in Virginia during the depression. My whole family loved that show. I think it was because it could have been about them. There were many scenes where uncle Woodrow would  proclaim “I remember when we did that”. Or Granddaddy would comment that he had a car just like the one on the show. But it was the  multi-generational closeness of the family that I enjoyed,  thru all the trials and troubles the family stuck together. So when I think of nostalgia, old time Appalachian mountain scenes are often what comes to mind.  A simpler time, a time where you did not go to a parking lot to pick out a  Christmas tree you went up in the mountains and cut down a tree.

So when my first granddaughter was born we started a tradition of gathering up the family and making a day of going up in the mountains to find a Christmas tree. We already have many fond memories of different adventures on different farms.

 One year we went to out to a tree farm in Sandy mush out past Leicester. Sandy Hollar Farm They also sold wool here.  Every bag of wool came from a individual sheep.  you get a picture of the sheep and the sheep’s name so you will know who’s wool your sweater will be knitted from.  That that was pretty cool!

Elf Villages

Last year We went to Tom Sawyer tree farm in cashiers.  It was a beautiful place tucked in the mountains next to lake Glenville , the highlight there was a elf village. It truly was an amazing experience for the kids they got to adorn their-self’s with elf outfits before going in to the different cabins. Each full of fun activity for kids from face painting, to a art workshop to post office to send a letter to Santa!  A nice fire pit and roasting marshmallows they also had horse drawn carriage rids.  We would have went back there this year but the elf village was closed due to COVID19 

This year Boyd Mountain Christmas tree farm

This year it was was Sherri, myself, Shelby, Evie, and Addilee Last Sunday we headed out on our annual Christmas tree adventure. We have been to Boyd’s tree farm out in Waynesville many times. A beautiful picturesque tree farm on a mountain with cozy little log cabins you can rent and make a weekend out of it.

As you arrive you drive past matching silos with matching wreaths a picture perfect start. Then up to a circus tent filled with hot chocolate, cookies and more. A toasty fire is always burning out front and right across from it, is a wonderfully decorated shed with a Christmas sleigh that carry’s, what I do believe is the real Santa Claus!  You can go up and pick out your tree and they will cut it for you, Or pick up one of their hand saws before heading up the mountain. This what we do, pick our tree, take pictures with our tree, one of the kids start cutting it then an adult finish’s it and we always yell “Timber” when it falls.

saws ready

They have workers come pick up you and your tree in ATV’s and take you back off of the mountain. We drink hot chocolate by the fire while they wrap our tree. Circle by as you leave in about 30 seconds a crew of 6 will have the tree tied to the top of your car.
We had a great day at the tree farm!

Afterward we went to a restaurant my brother Matt and his wife Kathy run in Dellwood  Ammon’s. Great food! Awesome desert  to revive the little ones for hours! Then we went by to see my daughters new property this made for a full day of exploring , . 

And another check off the romantic winter bucket list!

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