I was super excited about this one!
Romantic winter bucket list Item #30 Build a pillow blanket fort and have a “rom-com” movie party.


This one was so much fun! I made us a cozy little blanket fort under the table using lots of pillows, lots of blankets, and fairy lights before going to Thanksgiving dinner at Moms. The kids came down after dinner to pick up some packages before going home. The grandkids were quite jealous of my fort. After they left we popped popcorn, grabbed a beer, turned off all the lights, and crawled into our cozy grotto.

We had the laptop and a bluetooth speaker set-up to watch christmas movies At first it was a little uncomfortable but we snuggled and twisted and turned until we found the perfect comfortable positions. We enjoyed watching the Christmas Inheritance so much that after it was over we took a break got more snacks and retreated back into the sanctum.

First but not last

I will mark this one off the Bucket list but hope to enjoy this many more times as we had a truly enchanting night!

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