Romantic Winter Bucket list Item 24

Meet friends for beer and try a dark winter beer

A friend of mine, called and asked if I would like to grab a beer. He was headed to Hillmans brewery as we spoke. It was short notice but Sherri was out for the evening and I thought we may be headed for another COVID lockdown so I may not have many more chances this season to visit a brewery.

In an effort to bolster my beer palate I also wanted to try a dark beer. My friends suggested that dark beers tasted better in the cold winter months

Imperial Stout by Hillman Beer

The review sounded good .

Black, bold and roasty! This Imperial Stout has loads of roasty flavors and aromas. Chocolate, coffee and dark fruit notes linger on the tongue while a good firm bitterness makes this rich treat dangerously drinkable.

12% ABV It was a strong beer but the description I read was accurate almost a sweet beer.

As I was driving to the brewery I got to thinking about what makes drinking beer with friends so special. I do not especially love beer, I am actually trying hard, just to like it. I do love the opportunity to just set around and laugh and tell stories and enjoy people’s company.

Oxford university has conducted research showing drinking with friends at a pub increases overall wellbeing

Professor Robin Dunbar said, “This study showed that frequenting a local pub can directly affect peoples’ social network size and how engaged they are with their local community, which in turn can affect how satisfied they feel in life.

Read the Entire article here ” Drinking in a pub with friends is good for you“.

When I think of drinking at a pub my mind always returns to Cheers and Norm walking in and everybody knows his name. Pubs are a great place for social bonding and can overall improve your wellbeing

So I could mark this one off my Bucket list but I will not. I will leave it on in hopes of going out with more friends having more beer! More laughs! More stories! And more great times! Sometimes to live an enchanted, romantic life, you must get out and socialize!

Stay well my friends enjoy a cold beer, good company and a enchanted life!!

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