They say that people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. This wonderful girl came into my world many lifetimes ago when I was around ten years old. Life has sent us in many different directions and yet after all these years, we are still friends. Today we made a long day of running the back roads of North and South Carolina on a photographic journey.   We did hopefully,  get some shots worthy of National Geographic. (I have not even peeked onto lightroom yet). Even if we did not, we had a great time exploring, enjoying extraordinary, wonderful sights,  some that did not photograph well but were beautiful just the same. Like the two different grist mills.  Beautiful and filled with history just hard to photograph.  Looking back it is hard to believe we got as much squeezed into one day as we did exploring, reminiscing, and lots of laughter. We watched the sun come up and watched the sunset. I am already looking forward to our next excursion. Maybe next time we can talk Debra into joining us.

We did Get some great shots

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