I once worked with a old man named Hank Roberts he sold furniture when I knew him. A cool character played who semipro baseball ball as a young man. He was was an identical twin, his brothers name was Harold. They married identical twins May and Faye. He always had wonderful stories to tell about his life. But everyday I would ask him how he was doing and his response was always the same. Another day another bunch of carrots!

As the weather cools and it is getting dark earlier it is time to bring my hobbies indoors. I love cooking, I love photography, I love shopping! A hobby that combines all of this is food photography. I set up a new studio in the living room. I made a DIY horizontal arm for my tripod so I can play with flat lay photography.

My first subject in the new studio is a bunch of carrots. So I raise a toast to Hank Roberts and “another bunch of carrots”

Old World carrots

Close to the edge
The spread
Get your carrots in a row.
Lay them straight
Harvest time.

#foodphotography #Food #carrots #Gardening #garden #rawfood #foodporn

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