Late in the evening of July the 14th

Angie and I stop by the grocery store gathering supplies for an overnight trip to the top of Black Balsam. Earlier in the day, I purchased a bear canister it was time to fill it. It weighs  2 lbs I hate carrying an extra 2lbs but is a law around black balsam but it also makes sense any time I am camping on balds.


Tomato sandwichs for supper. yogurt and bananas for breakfast Cheese and crackers for a snack.

It was after dark when we arrived at the trailhead we decided we would eat before heading out.

By 10pm we were off hiking in the dark. It was much cooler and with our headlamps, visibility was great even where we had some light rock scrambling to do.  We made up to Black Balsam knob. At 6214 feet it was on the verge of being cold, we were happy that we had brought our long sleeve coats.  Angie and I set our tent up in the dark, not the first time.  Crawled in and had a rum and coke and some good conversation fell asleep still talking. I slept  fairly well I had carried a could fluffy pillow as my one luxury item


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