Angie Moore Moore and I had one of the most amazing summer adventures yesterday.
A ride down the french broad river ending up on love road on the paint creek corridor, where we had a wonderful picnic lunch at the paint rock cliffs. We spread a blanket on a perfect rock, made tomato and basil sandwiches, chips, drinks in our wacky flamingo cups,

Life is good and summer is easy! We go to lean back on a rock just bask in the goodness all of the sudden Angie screams my heart drops looking around it was a nest of ants and we had made them mad! could have been much worse I guess, it could have been bees. We move over a few feet and finish our lunch then wade in the creek a bit to cool off.

An incredible bike ride five miles up the road past cool log cabins, roaring waterfalls, lots of wildflowers and swimming holes, on days like this you need swimming holes! The ride back down was much faster wind in our hair, holding our hands above our heads fully in the moment,

Then we drove back to hot springs spa where we had the perfect hot tub right beside the french broad river. We were sitting in the hot tub with a mister above our head, the sun setting on the circling swallows above the river again perfection.
We met a very interesting couple as we sat by the fire drying off ( we always seem to meet the most interesting people)
It was dark by the time we made it to Iron Horse Station, a very old inn and restaurant for a great vegetarian supper.

On the way home, we drove up to mill ridge overlooking the fields. The waxing moon rising behind venus. You could see the silhouette of the trees along the edge of the field. I turned the car off and rolled down the windows. We were then treated with the best firefly display I have seen yet! Thousands of glittering specks of light dancing to a summer night, it was truly magical. The whole day was!!!!!

PS all these amazing photos were Angie’s thank you for documenting!

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