Sherri and I  took Shelby ice skating in Greenville for a New year holiday.  On the way down she remembered (Cakes by you), We had to stop,  this place lets you decorate cakes teaching you as you go, it was quite fun.

We stayed at a Hilton with an indoor pool we have stayed here a few times in the past we had a blast in the pool. We did notice on the elevator the 9th floor was the executive level you had to swipe a card to even access this floor. Our mind raced with what this place was like visions of fruit bars and chocolate fountains came to mind. We went out to chipotles then we went to The Cheese Cake factory for dessert to take back to the hotel.

She likes her cake!

Cheesecake not so much!

After sleeping late we headed out for some ice skating. While waiting to pay I looked up and seen that senior citizen discount starts at 55 I am just a few years away is this good or bad?

Afterwards, we Stopped by “Joe’s crab shack” Shebly got to try crab legs for the first time, she loved them! Sherri did too!


Then we headed home. While getting gas, I glanced at Facebook lots of reports of ice in the Asheville area.  After checking the weather and getting more reports of the interstate being shut down. We decided to stay New Year’s Eve in Greenville.  Shelby was not happy about this she was ready to go home.  We headed back to the same hotel they were having a massive Gala there that night. We did get a room, remember that mysterious level 9 we were there that night. Shelby was very happy again. The thought of this room was a lot nicer than this room. It was nice it just could not live up the dreams we had assigned it to. The view was amazing! Sherri went out and got us supper while Shelby and I went swimming. Take out food, sparkling grape juice, two of the most amazing women I know! What a great way to bring in the New Year!!!!!!!!!

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