I had a great cold hike today! Before I left mom gave me some of her homemade cough syrup, not only did it cut down on the coughing but I sure felt better about a cough that was left. I knew that climbing around waterfalls with Ice covered rocks could be dangerous. So I took nanny’s advice, if I died it would be with clean underwear!! It was very crowded there, everybody came to see the frozen waterfalls. But most stopped at the lower falls very few took the extra climb to the upper falls There are ropes there to help you climb but it is still straight up. Me and the girl behind me took a long cut, it got us more climbing but needlessly. I came down a faster and more scenic route. When I arrived at the top I was drenched in sweat I stripped down to the bottom layer everything was dry by the time I left. I met lots of awesome people up there today. One group impressed me they started to leave and the lady called them back “we should honor this before we leave” they all came back lined up and honored the falls with a moment of silence!


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