I want a new bike!

What a day  REI had a great sale that was over today I could save a few hundred dollars on a bike. So I spent three hours at REI today trying to decide between three bikes. I took one out, then I took the bike I have now out ( I had to justify the purchase), then the other bike, then have the mechanic make an adjustment or two then take it out again. I finally did make a desion. Got home took it for a ride, enjoyed the ride. Made supper then got on the internet comparing what I had gotten with one just a little more expensive the other one had 36 spokes vs 32 on the one I got (good for fat people such as myself) Before long I had convinced myself to trade. This was at fifteen after eight REI closed at nine. I rushed and threw the bike back on the rack and headed back. While the 36 spokes were nice, haveing a rack already was nice, they reminded me how much I like the handlebars being two inches higher. I am too old to have a flat back on a bike. So I came back with the same bike. I am still not 100% percent on this purchase. But I am going to keep it a few days and give it try!

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