Sox and I took Sherri out for sushi tonight. We went to zen sushi on Merrimon avenue. We ended up with the cutest,little waitress when she came over for our drink order I ask for a “Cheerwine” she says “is that beer?” No I replied “it is a soft drink” I don’t believe we have that. I showed it to her on the menu, again she asks if it some kind of beer? She finally left to check, she came back very exited “we do have a soft drink called Cheer wine”.
It gets even better! She comes over to chat while we are eating. she tells us the story of her just moving here from New York City and this is her first job as a waitress, that she was an office worker up there. She asks were I am from? I try telling her I am a Asheville native. Oh, you have a very sexy Britain accent. No, I have a Appalachian accent not a English accent. Then she tells me I do not have an English accent, that they are smug. But i do have a very sexy Britain accent. Sherri is trying very hard to stay in her seat, her eyes were watering she wanted to laugh so bad! The food there was great as usual. And she was very sweet but I do not know how long she can last as a waitress?28951545793_24d170c371

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