Got off work early enough to make a few laps around downtown before Toastmasters tonight. I had to stop by World Coffee Cafe For a  Americano and taste of one of Asheville’s finest tiramisu’s. She handed it to me dry, now days you have to ask for them to pour a shot of espresso over the top but this is what makes it so great!  The barista was great  and had a shot left so she just added to my  Americano. She has wonderful dreads she has been growing for two years. We talked about how to start dreads, she had someone start her’s,  mine so far are natural but have a long way to go! If I can wait that long before a razor takes over.


Sox, could not wait to try it out.


I was enjoying mine but Sox is ready to go.


I still had some time left to explore. I used to love some of the old abandoned buildings you find around Asheville they are mysterious, interesting, somewhat dangerous. you never know what or who you might find in one. With the gentrification of asheville these are much harder to find.  I was looking for a place for a Peri Party when I remembered this old building on the south slope.I often see photographers doing model shoots here. so I stopped by, I loved it! I will get a simple menu together, lovely little bite sized morsels and a simple hand crafted cocktail  and go back for a Peri party. It must be soon though or I will go back and it will be yet another hotel on Asheville’s skyline.

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