Sox and I had a great float today. The first part was a little crowded for my taste. But still experienced things I never would have, Sometimes you just have to be there.
Like floating past the beautiful young lady standing in a very secluded area playing a violin on the bank.
I would like to tell you how great it was, but there was a reason that child’s daddy would not let her play in the house. She had to go over the hill through the woods and down by the river! And that may have been too close!

After the crowds we found the perfect island for a Chasing Peri party. Smoked salmon with cheese and crackers
And for cocktails my own special concoction I do not know whether to call it a ginger mule or a red headed donkey .
It is 2 parts vodka one part domaine canton ginger liqueur topped off with Maine Root Ginger Brew Mmm so refreshing on a hot day on the river.
I swam and splashed and ate and drank and just like the turtles beside me, sunned out on a rock and soaked up the last rays of summer for over an hour before heading on down the river.
I made down to the park right before the old Burlington plant so a little uncharted waters in my quest to float the whole french broad.28874722634_5768e5fa8429391153002_24a143581b

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