I had a great paddle today. Etowah to Westfeldt Park 9.1 miles A long day in the seat. I seen the usal critters The blue herons no mater how many you see you are still awestruck by their majesty. They rule this river. But just as beautiful is the kingfisher, I love these birds also! But my critter highlight today was river otter Right before I got miles river I seen him he would come up about every 25 foot or so. Once he came up about 5 foot from the boat, he looked over at me for a second. Then a look of shear terror came over him, when he realized I was not a log, he then dove away not to be seen again.
I stopped by a rock and had a great
“Chasing Pari party”
Smoked salmon trimmings, Bellavitano Espresso Cheese, crackers and to drink a spicy, Maine Root Ginger Brew. A great little break!
Such a day would not be complete with out stopping by the wedge for a “Iron Rail” and a bowl of peanuts.



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