A Saturday job!

Last year in Nashville my car would not start. I had to peck the starter with a hammer to get it in the mood to turn over. I had to get out and do this about once a month since. This week I had to do this three times. Not testing fate any longer I am changing the starter this morning. Good news it looks easy ( I hope I did not just jinks myself) Starter sits right on top.

Two hours later

Dag Blast it! Why won’t this darn nut turn? it ‘s only been on here 17 years! I am to old for this @#%& crap! My dang elbow is killing me! Why did I just not pay a real mechanic?
I am too cheap that’s why, and once you have started you are all in.
I have done everything from changing transmissions, changing motors, water pumps fuel pumps and everything in between.
I have never undertaken such a endeavor because I love to mechanic. It has always been out of cheapness, brokenness and dis-trust of a mechanic!
I am thankful for the mechanical ability’s I have but I am paying someone to change my oil!
All I can say is.
I fought the starter and I won!

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