I woke up early this morning and drove into a deep fog, not sure what I was getting myself into. I was headed to the Nantahala Outdoor Center French Broad Outpost, near hot springs. For my first try at white water rafting. I arrived early, why am I always early? The first one there, not sure I was even at the right place. Soon others started arriving and we began the check-in process One of the guides suggested I try a “ducky” A cross between a raft and a kayak. The water was a little low and this would give me more splashes. I am so glad I did I had a blast!

They had excellent guides! safety was the first priority but having fun was right behind, they took us down the whitest parts of the river. At one point we stopped by a rock about twenty foot above the river and let us jump off! This was scary exciting! After one demanding rapid, we swam in the next calm pool.


This not me but it is a ducky.


I got in wore out.  I rode on down past Hotsprings to a place near Paintrock where I could take a nap in my hammock.


What a day!

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